CAUTION: Beware of Low Quality, FAKE Sea Buckthorn Omega 7 Supplements!

We’ve said it many times before… not all sea buckthorn is created equal.

Well, now we have the analysis to prove it.

More on that in just a second… but beware, you might not like what you’re about to read.

You’ve probably shopped around online and have come across different brands selling sea buckthorn omega 7 supplements.

But did you know, one of the bestselling “omega 7 supplements” on Amazon claiming 900 mg (90%) omega 7 per serving, contained less than 2% omega 7.

You read that right, LESS THAN 2%!

Well it’s time we set the record straight. We’ll be stepping on some toes, and that’s okay…

This bottle might look familiar?

This “omega 7” supplement is claiming to contain sea buckthorn oils, but upon our purchasing, we found these capsules to be filled with nothing but POWDER!

Just a month ago, this “900mg omega 7” supplement was the #1 seller on Amazon, which has now disappeared from all product listings.

If a product is doing great, why pull it off Amazon?

Shopping for lower priced supplements to find a “cheaper” cost will usually, if not always, result in a lower quality, and potentially dangerous product.

When it comes to supplements, quality of ingredients is everything.

Here a few tips to help ensure you’re getting a quality supplement:

Is it coming from a reputable brand/company & how long have they been in business?

Do they only sell on amazon? Be sure to look for an official website.
Do they guarantee specific levels of nutrients?
Is the company transparent in their ingredient sourcing & ingredient listing?
Do they have any official 3 rd party certifications (USDA Organic, PETA, Ashley Koff, etc.)?
Do you have any supplement horror stories? Please share you experiences in the comments section below…