Sibu Omega 7 Soft Gels

SIBU Omega 7 Soft-gels (60 and 180 count)

• Highest Omega 7 content of all soft-gels (304mg/dose)
• Lab test higher than claim
• USDA Organic sea buckthorn oil
• PETA – Cruelty-free and Vegan
• Tapioca starch casing (one of only 2 products without carrageenan)
• Proprietary source / Himalayan high-altitude sea buckthorn

• On the high end of price scale (but worth it)

SIBU largely started the sea buckthorn market in North America about 10 years ago with a suite of sea buckthorn-based products, both consumable and topical. They pioneered the market and have stayed true to their promise of providing the best sea buckthorn on the planet. Their source is exclusive to SIBU – which is high in the Himalayan mountains of the Tibetan cultural region of India. They have worked hand-in-hand with the indigenous people to secure their berries which are hand-harvested from wild-growing shrubs. Apparently the Dalai Lama himself has recognized the company for the equitable way they do business with villages and people that harvest and process the berries. Pretty cool story!

The product itself is the gold-standard in sea buckthorn oil supplements. Their proprietary “T7” sea buckthorn oil is the highest in Omega 7 we have tested. The product features a common 80/20 blend of sea buckthorn fruit/seed oil. This is due to the various clinical studies from Europe that use this blend showing promising benefits to human health (skin, mucus membranes, vaginal dryness, cardiovascular health and more).

If there is one product we can recommend, considering potency, purity, ease-of-use, quality and value, it’s this one. It’s among the most expensive options but usually available on Amazon for a discount. We recommend buying from Sibu as the Amazon vendor or from their website to ensure the freshest product and their own stellar customer service!